Vixen is pleased to welcome our second massage therapist to the team and family!

Meet Sofia Mustelin.

Massage Therapist | Vixen Collection | Seattle, WA

Sofia graduated from Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in West Seattle, where she built strong foundations in Swedish massage and clinical treatment work. In addition to being a massage therapist she is also a licensed personal trainer with a certification in corrective exercise. When she’s not massaging, Sofia works as a certified stretchologist and group fitness instructor, helping people find joy through movement and improved mobility.

Her massage style is a blend of treatment work and relaxation, combining modalities such as deep tissue, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation): And advanced form of flexibility training, and Swedish massage.

In working with each other, Sofia and our longtime massage therapist, Amber Wogoman, have discovered that their styles are quite complementary. Every massage therapist has a different style, but if you love Amber‘s massage you will also love to see Sofia!

And, like all our service providers at Vixen, Sofia and Amber are adhering to the strictest protocols for cleanliness and disinfection. We value your health above all!

Sofia will be taking appointments Tuesday afternoons from 3pm – 7pm beginning September 1st.


Or, ☎ Call the front desk at 206.281.9399

We’re excited for you to meet Sofia and look forward to seeing you soon!



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