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Carly Sunglasses
Taupe Glitter / Brown PolarizedHavana Tort / Brown Polarized
Barton Sunglasses
$29.99 Sold Out
Black/Smoke PolarizedSunshine/G15 Polarized
V Lander Sunglasses
Black Soft Touch Rubber / Blue Mirror PolarizedTort Soft Touch Rubber / Brown PolarizedBlack Soft Touch Rubber / Rose Gold Polarized
Wyatt Sunglasses
Black/Smoke PolarizedSunshine/Green PolarizedTort/Brown PolarizedGray/Smoke Polarized+ 1 more
Sea Siren Sunglasses
$49.99 Sold Out
Rose Petal / Brown PolarizedChocolate Chip / Smoke Polarized
Sedona Sunglasses
$31.99 Sold Out
Black/Smoke PolarizedSnow Tort / SmokeBlack / Smoke
Sublime Sunglasses
Gold / PeachGold / G15Gold / Purple
Daisy Sunglasses
Black / SmokeCola / RoseOrchid / SmokeBlonde Tort / Smoke+ 1 more
Camilla Sunglasses
$34.99 Sold Out
Moss / Smoke PolarizedCream / Smoke Polarized
Tides Sunglasses
Black / Green Polarized LensTort / Brown PolarizedSunshine / Green Polarized Lens
Dax Sunglasses
$49.99 Sold Out
Sunshine / Green Polarized LensNavy / SmokeClear / G15 Polarized LensTort / Brown Polarized Lens+ 1 more
EL MORRO Sunglasses
Gunmetal / Smoke Polarized LensGold / G15 Polarized LensGold / Brown Polarized Lens
Free Bird Sunglasses
Tort Rubber Soft Touch / Brown PolarizedBlack / Copper PolarizedBlack Rubber Soft Touch / Blue Polarized
Logan Sunglasses
Black / BlueTort / BlueTort / Brown
Captain Sunglasses
Black / G15 Polarized LensTort / Brown
Blair 2.0 Sunglasses
Black/Smoked PolarizedOlive / Smoke PolarizedCola/Brown Polarized
Ella Sunglasses
Maple / Green PolarizedBlonde Tort / Smoke PolarizedBlack / Smoke Polarized
Fiona Sunglasses
Orchid / Lavender PolarizedBlonde Tort / Smoke PolarizedBlack / Smoke PolarizedLeaf / Smoke PolarizedMango / BG Polarized+ 2 more

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Eyewear is an accessory, just like your shoes, you have multiple different pairs that you can switch out depending on the look you're going for. Find all of the latest styles at Vixen Collection so you can keep up with the trends and always have a fabulous pair of eyewear to suit your look of the day- we have eyeglasses and sunglasses in various colors, sizes, styles, shapes, and materials so you can find the right pair for you.

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