If you’re like me, I’m used to having my nails done every other week. I love the way it looks and it makes me feel beautiful. I’m missing those days of pretty nails and perfectly manicured cuticles. During this time of uncertainty, being at home all the time, and just not knowing what the day will bring, I thought it would be a great idea to show you how to mani like a pro!

You probably have everything you need in your bathroom, but if you don’t, we’re here to help! Our Zoya Lock Kit includes the following: remover, base and top coats, plus fast dry drops for $21. We’ll include an orangewood stick too. We also have full sized bottles of Zoya remover ($12), Solar Oil by CND ($10) and polish ($10). The Foxy Vixen Bus is happy to deliver to your door. Just call our Hotline at 206.281.9399 from 9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday.


  • Towel

  • Nail file

  • Cotton ball

  • Orangewood stick

  • Polish remover

  • Cuticle remover (We love Deborah Lippman)

  • Basecoat/topcoat

  • Rapid dry drops

  • Small bowl of hot soapy water


  1. File edges of nail (mimic your cuticle shape).

  2. Soak your left hand for three minutes.

  3. Blot dry.

  4. Apply cuticle remover gently push back with orangewood stick.

  5. Rinse well.

  6. Repeat on right hand.

  7. Clean off nail plate THOROUGHLY with polish remover. You want all oils from your sudsy water to be removed in order for the polish to adhere.

  8. Apply thin base coat starting with your left hand. Wait for 30 seconds.

  9. Apply two coats of color allowing time to dry between coats. Patience is the key here!

  10. Lastly, apply topcoat and top with rapid dry drops.

  11. Allow your left hand to dry thoroughly before starting on your right!

  12. When both have dried, massage the heaviest cream you have into your hands and cuticles. This will keep your paws looking young and beautiful.

  13. Sit back, relax and chill. You want that polish to cure and the best way to do that is to be still.

Be sure to tag us @shopvixencollection on the gram so we can see your pretty paws!



Courean Napolitano
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