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Let’s be honest; we have a sweet little neighborhood. It’s always bustling with families, kids, dogs and lots of happy smiles (even through the mask wearing!). The people of Magnolia care about their community and have always taken pride in keeping it a beautiful place to live. At the center of it all, “The Village” is the anchor. It’s a place to gather and talk. A place to have business meetings. A place to shop, eat and relax. Simply, it’s a wonderful place to connect with your neighbors.

That’s why the Magnolia Beautification Project (MBC) is so special to me. Being on this committee has shown just how dedicated our residents are. How much they love our community and how they want to continue with keeping our Village vibrant for everyone.

We’ve completed Phase I, which included flower poles, new benches, chairs, and tables with gorgeous red umbrellas. It turned out to be perfect timing with our lock down and we’ve seen so many people enjoying these new additions along McGraw between 32nd and 33rd. As we move into Phase II and III, we have more work to do, and we need your help!


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Phase I happened with generous donations from our neighborhood residents and we will need more to continue. We have 5 phases in total, so this is a labor of love and need to keep the momentum going. What’s cool about this fundraising effort is how many ways you can help.


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If you’d like to learn more background on this project just head over to the MBC website. In addition, Cheryl McQuiston, Chair of the MBC was just interviewed by Jason Thibeaux, Executive Director of Magnolia Chamber of Commerce, to talk about the project in depth. Take a look for more background on how this all came to be.




As always, thank you for supporting our business and your community. We wouldn’t be here without you!



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