Well, would you look at us—we just keep on growing and getting better! Am I right? 😁

We are so excited to introduce you to two more service providers on the Vixen team! We know self care is important and we always want to give you the best! And, you need it! And, you DESERVE it! So, treat yo self! 😃


Meet Brandi our Aesthetician | Vixen Collection


If you didn’t notice who else is growing, our beloved Brandi and also one of our amazing aestheticians is heading out on maternity leave October 3rd! Her belly is growing so cute and we cannot wait to meet her little man!

But don’t you worry your little self because we’re bringing in back up to keep your beautiful face looking good all winter long!



Jill at Vixen Collection | Seattle, WA


Jill brings over 16 years professional experience and passion to the table. Her interest in skincare began at an early age and has propelled her towards her dream of pursuing a career in beauty and skincare. Jill created her business as a way for her to share her knowledge and skincare practices with the world. Her goal is to create a safe space that will allow her to partner with clients as they set out to achieve their beauty and skincare goals. Jill’s expertise, drive and wholehearted approach shine through in the way she treats her clients and work.


But wait, there’s more…


Meet Dana at Vixen Collection | Seattle, WA


We are thrilled to have Dana join the team and offer NEW services to our lineup. If you’ve ever wondered about Eastern Medicine and these healing practices, we have you covered. Dana graduated with a Masters in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine in 2016. Plus, her continued education includes Cosmetic Acupuncture and Weight Loss, Point Injection Therapy, Women’s Health and Fertility, Birth Education Classes and Pain Management. She’s also the resident acupuncturist at 3 assisted living facilities and has a private practice with a focus on perinatal acupuncture. When she’s not seeing clients, she’s spending time with her two young daughters, her husband and their 4-legged friend.

You can find a list of all Dana’s services on our Acupuncture page.


As always, we are so thankful for you—our trusted and loyal clients. Cheers to always looking up and continuing this crazy 2020 ride. We appreciate you beyond words.



Courean Napolitano