Lapco Sheet Masks




Lapcos Sheet Masks

Natural ingredients + nourishing textures, a love story. A program of 12 serum-drenched sheet masks made from carefully curated materials to maximize the potency of the ingredients they carry. 

Product Features

Aloe - Brings cool, comforting relief to sensitive and damaged skin.

Aqua - Formulated with Deep Sea Water and Plankton Extract, this mask helps to strengthen your moisture barrier.

Charcoal - Like a magnet, this Charcoal Mask draws out impurities to the skin’s surface, helping to achieve a radiant blank slate.

Collagen - Our Collagen PT cell sheet mask is infused with Collagen Peptides, the beloved anti-aging ingredient to rule them all.

Ceramide - Protect and nourish your skin's barrier with our Ceramide mask, which helps to protect skin cells from damage, and give them the energy to revitalize themselves.

Honey -  Honey is an antibacterial ingredient, and well known for its healing properties for irritated + sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic - Contains ultra moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth dryness. The mask replenishes skin for a complexion that appears fully revitalized and radiates from within.

Milk - This multitasking super hero deeply moisturizes, protects and strengthens the skin barrier.

Pearl - Helps diminish dark spots and skin imperfections.

Red Wine - Visibly tightens pores and firms sagging skin.

Seaweed - SuperMarine complex delivers vitamins and nutrients directly to the skin to refresh, recondition and soothe irritation.

Tea Tree - Powered by the magic of Tea Tree, an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial natural ingredient that is super effective for not only clearing blemishes, but doing so gently and mildly.

Vita C - Reduces the appearance of age spots and discoloration for brighter, even skin


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