Horchata Lip Balm (Sweet Cinnamon & Vanilla)


Horchata Falvored Lip Balm

Horchata Lip Balm (Sweet Cinnamon & Vanilla)

Beverage inspired, your fresh horchata lip balm was crafted in small batches for your lips and the ones you share them with. It goes on creamy like your first sip and never gets watered down. From the lift to the lineup, it’s made to stay on and last long in the harshest environments. You don't need a straw to taste the flavor and feel the cinnamon tingle of SIN-MIN Horchata Lip Balm.

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  • Sweet Cinnamon + Vanilla scent
  • Lip balm
  • Small batch


2.6" l x 0.8" w x 0.5" h

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