Extra Volume Shampoo



Moroccanoil® Hair Care 

Extra Volume Shampoo 

Transform and volumize fine hair from lifeless to lively! Moroccanoil® Extra Volume Shampoo works weightlessly to gently cleanse and add volume to fine, limp hair. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and revitalizing nutrients—including linden bud extract that naturally plumps up hair—to bring back body, shine and manageability for healthy-looking hair. 


  • Three sizes available  
  • Best for fine hair 
  • Color safe 
  • Free of phosphates, parabens and sulfates 
  • Key ingredients: argan oil, glycerin, cocamide mea and linden bud extract 

How to Use 

Massage Moroccanoil® Extra Volume Shampoo throughout wet hair and scalp. Continue to add water to activate a rich, luxurious lather from the highly concentrated formula and stimulate its volume-boosting properties. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Repeat if needed, and follow with Moroccanoil® Extra Volume Conditioner. 

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