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Small Batch Perfume Sprays and Rollerballs 

Eau De Toilette

You know when you find something special and you just have to have it? That's how we feel about this new line of Eau De Toilette from Boathouse Mercantile. Made in the San Juan Islands in Washington, these unique and delicious smelling scents will captivate you too. How can you go wrong with a name like "I Awoke One Day As If I Had Changed" or "Wild Aloof Rebel"! 

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  • Local Artist from Seattle, WA
  • Available in 5 different scents
  • Made in small batches
  • 10 ml roll-on or 1.7 oz fine-mist atomizer spray
  • Lovely acrylic overcap
  • Weighty, square glass bottle with 2" footprint
  • Gold-embossed letterpress label on lovely paper


San Juan Summer - The Best Seller! This scent is a fresh and summery as could be mustered up and crammed into a bottle, plus citrus notes (to add to a BONANZA of summer memories. Not that there's citrus trees in the San Juans). SJS offers a fresh blast of YES!...a scent moment to remind you of the islands in summer. 

I Awoke One Day As If Changed - We can all get used to some good news! So, let's all start the change-ball rolling!" This perfume opens with a bergamot/citrus lift, moves through a bunch of dense growing woods, into a musky, sweet dry-down (and a little bit of mossy earth because I'm a pnwesterner at heart). Anyone can wear this subtle, powdery scent.

My Fav Sweater - My Fave Sweater offers a quintessentially warm, tea+books+fireplace in a chilly weather setting reminiscent of cozy "drawing inward". Top notes: Sweet cardamom, citrus and spice, drying down to vanilla, sandalwood and amber-y sweetness. 

Wild Aloof Rebel - This eau de toilette is a unique, alluring, woody, natural, oud-and-amber-ish scent for men and women. Rich in gentleness and mystery, Wild Aloof rebel mixes smoke with sweet. This is named for David from Schitt's Creek!

San Juan Sunset - Crafted to represent the essential elements of the West Side of San Juan Island, this scent spray embodies the dusk-fueled scent of wind and cedar, sweetness and wood, with heavy doses of vanilla and spice to remind you of the beautiful Westside + all of the San Juan Islands.

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