Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask



Acne Calming Charcoal Rose Mask

Midnight Paloma Rose Clay Mask

A savior for acne-prone skin! The all-natural mask with Kaolin clay and activated charcoal instantly and visibly clears pores and calms breakouts.

This clay mask pulls out toxins and calms breakouts. Activated Charcoal targets skin congestion and clogged pores. while Kaolin Clay cleans out dead skin cell build-up. The results? Clear, blemish-free, poreless-looking skin


  • 2oz Jar, Single Masks
  • Cleans out dead skin cell build-up.
  • Purifying & Detoxing
  • Smoothing

Active Ingredients 

Rolled Oats, Rose Petals, Kaolin Clay, Charcoal.

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