Try The Newest Trend, Permanent Jewelry! 

It's quick, painless and a wonderful way to commemorate a special milestone in your life or to level up your accessory game. This is a new service now being offered at our boutiques in Seattle, WA. 

We currently offer the following permanent pieces:

  • Anklets
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces

Available Metals & Pricing: 

  • 14K gold ($150 - $250)
  • Gold filled ($65 - $135)
  • Sterling Silver ($55 - $125)

We will measure your wrist, neck and/or ankle to determine the best chain size and then solder it to the desired location. If the idea of permanency seems daunting, we have clasps available for purchase. Our chains are made from top quality metals resulting in a beautiful jewelry style that you'll never want to remove. 

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Have more questions? Visit our Permanent Jewelry FAQ page.