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Sunlight Styles

Immerse yourself in the radiant allure of the Sunlight Style Collection at Vixen Boutique and Day Spa, your premier destination for chic and versatile fashion. Located in the heart of Seattle, WA, our curated collection is tailor-made for beach vacations and those magical evenings by the shore, promising you a wardrobe that effortlessly transitions from sun-soaked days to enchanting beachside nights.

Discover the essence of Sunlight Style with our thoughtfully selected products, each designed to enhance your beach vacation experience. Whether you're looking for breezy sundresses, stylish cover-ups, or elegant accessories, our collection offers a delightful blend of comfort and sophistication that's perfect for seaside adventures.

At Vixen Boutique and Day Spa, we believe in making fashion as adaptable as your lifestyle. Our Sunlight Style Collection seamlessly takes you from a relaxing day under the sun to a captivating evening out by the beach. Feel the warmth of the sun in our beach-ready ensembles and radiate elegance as the sun sets with our carefully curated evening wear.

More About Our Sunlight Styles

Create the perfect look by seamlessly combining Sunlight Styles with our bottoms collection. Whether you prefer the ease of shorts, the grace of skirts, or the comfort of trousers, our curated selection ensures a harmonious pairing that exudes coastal charm and laid-back chic.

Elevate your ensemble further with our accessories collection, featuring items designed to add the perfect finishing touch to your Sunlight Styles. From statement pieces to subtle accents, our accessories effortlessly enhance the beauty of your outfit, making you shine under the sun or the moonlight.

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